Creative Marketing Business Plan

If you have been thinking of starting a business or
already have one running, you need to be aware that
a business plan is totally essential to your success.

A good marketing plan is crucial to any business, but
especially to a business just starting out. Equally
important is a new business owner who wants to begin
their business with an ethical, positive attitude, an
attainable goal, and the means to reach it.

So how do you do it? This excellent marketing system
gives five basic principles to cause your business to
strive for those goals and then maintain or even
exceed those goals.

? Have a good quality product or service. This may
seem obvious to many but it can never become too
important. If the quality is above average and doesn?t
wane, customers will come to know that and reward that
business with their faithful repeat visits.

? Put your customers first. If the customer is made to
feel special, and they can see that the business is
serious in serving them, they will continue to return
and bring friends with them.

? Determine, find, and then speak to your targeted
market. Blanket advertising is minimal in reaching
your targeted customer base and one of the most
expensive advertising techniques. Stay within your
niche for the most effective marketing results.

? Use business cards, flyers, newsletters, and
promotional literature with your face-to-face
customers always. Customers won?t remember to tell
others about your product if they can?t remember what
was special about it or where they got it.

? Listen and respond to your customers promptly.
Remedy any complaint immediately to satisfy the
customer. If there are numerous complaints regarding
the same product or service, the business may need to
reevaluate their product or method. Negative word of
mouth advertising can be extremely expensive.

A business plan will give you a plan of action to
closely follow in attaining your business and financial

Beginning a new business isn?t easy. It can be
expensive, time consuming, and very stressful. Those
who have done it know that. That?s why the wisest new
business owners have used Guerilla Marketing 101. It
cuts through the trial and error and has saved many
businesses thousands in potential lost revenue. Click
here to let us show you how you can avoid the pitfalls
of past failed businesses.

If you don’t have a business plan, take a few minutes
each night for the next week to work on one. It
cold make the difference in your business.

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