Creative Marketing – Element of Surprise

One of the reasons Creative marketing works is that
the methods are often unexpected. Many creative
campaigns are highly visible, and contain some sort of
element that is unique to the business using it.

Though it is something of a clich? by now, you should
be prepared to ?think outside the box? when it comes
to planning your creative marketing campaign. The
classic, expensive methods of advertising your
business should be employed sparingly, if at all.
These include:

? Yellow page advertisements
? Newspaper or magazine advertisements
? Radio or television commercials

Think about it: when is the last time you were heavily
influenced by a yellow page, newspaper, magazine,
radio, or television advertisement? The fact is that
today?s consumers are so bombarded with advertising
messages,; they?ve learned to tune out the traditional

As a creative marketer, your goal is to catch them
off-guard, and advertise in unexpected places. Many
times, consumers won?t even recognize your marketing
efforts as advertising.

The good news is: you can usually do this for a
fraction of the cost of traditional advertising
venues. Guerilla marketing trades effort for money.
You will work harder on your marketing than a
mega-corporation with a million-dollar ad budget, but
if you are persistent and creative in your efforts,
they will pay off.

It Pays to Be Different

Remember the old Arby?s slogan: ?Different is Good??
This catchy little phrase could serve as a basic
premise for one of the primary reasons guerilla
marketing tactics are so successful.

You might have a product or service that is completely
unique. However, the chances are greater that you?re
competing with dozens or hundreds of other businesses
for the same market share. One of the strengths of
guerilla marketing is the ability to capitalize on the
aspect or aspects of your business that make you
different — and therefore worthy enough for consumers
to spend their hard-earned money on your product or

So, what?s different about your business? Here is a
brief list of possibilities to investigate. Your
business might offer:

? The best, friendliest, or most attentive customer
? The lowest prices.
? Products that are higher quality than the
? A wider range of products than other businesses in
your area or field.
? The simplest ordering methods.
? Fast, convenient, and/or reliable delivery.
? More expertise in your area than your competition.
? The most informative and easiest to navigate

This aspect of your business is sometimes referred to
as your USP, or Unique Selling Proposition. Once you
have determined your USP, you know what makes your
business different — and different is good!

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