Creative Marketing Tactics That Worked

Saint Paul, Minnesota: Before the opening of the first
Crazy Carrot Juice Bar, marketer Eric Strauss engaged
in some forward thinking. He spent $73 to put together
a life-sized carrot costume, which was worn at several
special events around town.

Over the next year, the ?Carrot? made many public
appearances. It was featured in various print, radio,
and television media, and became largely responsible
for catapulting the company?s success. Eventually, the
Crazy Carrot Juice Bar expanded to five stores and 65
employees, and was then sold to industry giant Jamba
Juice — all for a mere $73 investment.

Irvington, New York: The Flying Fingers Yarn Shop,
just outside of Manhattan, was looking to expand its
customer base. At the suggestion of a marketing
consultant, the company secured three giant balls of
yarn, complete with knitting needles, to the roof of a
modified van and called it the Yarn Bus.

On weekends, the Yarn Bus travels between Irvington
and NYC, promoting visibility and making special
appearances at news events. Flying Fingers has seen a
good increase in store traffic, but more importantly,
people who might not make the physical trip to the
store are made aware of their website, where they can
learn about knitting classes offered by the store and
purchase knitting supplies. The high visibility of the
Yarn Bus has produced excellent results.

Manhattan, New York: Even not-for-profit businesses
look to expand their reach. The Marble Church sought a
way to attract younger members and revitalize their
congregation. So, they turned to a marketing firm who
came up with some unusual ways to get the word out.

One Labor Day weekend, hundreds of Hamptons weekenders
visitors to the Hamptons spotted an airplane banner
bearing the intriguing message: ?Make a friend in a
very high place. In addition, the
church rented a low-cost mobile billboard (mounted on
the side of a van) that drove around Manhattan. The
sign read: ?In This Town It Doesn?t Hurt to Have God
Onon Your Side.?

These creative messages, delivered in creative ways,
introduced Marble Church to people who would otherwise
never have heard of the place. As a result, the church
reported a 31% increase in membership.

Oregon: Odd giveaways abound. People are intrigued by
the unusual, which may explain why the Les Schwab tire
dealership?s ?free beef in February? promotion keeps
customers coming back, or why a nearby bank receives
excellent local media coverage for their yearly
tradition of giving away free Vidalia onions to anyone
who walks in.

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