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If you run a JV Partner Program program, do you reward your JV Partners for a job well-done? If not, you should start and immediately. These programs rely on the hard work and determination of JV Partners to be successful. You may be surprised how much motivation rewards provide.

As great as it is to hear that you can and should reward JV Partners for a job well-done, why? It is really worth the time and effort. Of course it is! Remember rewards are motivation. You need to motivate your JV Partners. An JV Partner is more likely to promote their website with your links and those links when they get an extra incentive for doing so. Don?t make the mistake of believing rewards are only for children. They are not and they can do wonders for your JV Partner program.

Not only does rewarding your JV Partners improve their drive and determination, but it should lead to more sales for you. An JV Partner selling your eBook through an JV Partner sales page is more likely to push your product and market it when they get rewarded. This means more sales for you. The same with retail store JV Partner programs. Whether you sell one product or one thousand, you should notice an increase in sales after putting a rewards program in place.

Now that you know the benefits of rewarding your JV Partners, what type of rewards can you do? Your options are endless. With that said, try to keep it related to your JV Partner program. For example, reward top earning JV Partners with commission increases. Reward all of your JV Partners with a temporary increase in commission percentages during the holidays. Give away the some of your top selling products or electronic devices, like a new laptop.

It is best to reward your JV Partner with prizes. This is a given, as people love free stuff. With that said, don?t discount a little bit of recognition. Do you send out monthly newsletters to your JV Partners or have an online message forum? If so, highlight top earning JV Partners or the most improved. Better yet, turn it into a learning experience. Interview that JV Partner or provide links to their website or sales page. Let your underperformers see what it takes to be a successful, well-paid partner.

The simplest way to reward an JV Partner for a job well-done is to send them a personal message. Did you notice that an JV Partner helped to assist in a large sale, like a $2,000 television set? Send them a quick congratulatory message and thank them for participating in your program. People want to be recognized and congratulated for a job well-done. A boss shakes the hand of a well-performing employee in the traditional workplace, so try to do the same. Showing appreciation is a very simple yet effective way to improve moral and keep good performing JV Partners onboard.

As you can see, there are many ways to reward your JV Partners for a job well done. If you aren?t doing so now, give it a try. Monetary compensation or prizes always do the trick. As previously stated, people love free stuff and your JV Partners feel the same way. As for sending a congratulatory message or featuring a notable JV Partner, you open the line of communication. This is important when running a successful JV Partner program; you and your JV Partners must work together as a team.

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