JV Program Contests Create Motivated Partners

If you run a JV Partner program, your success as an online seller depends largely on your JV Partners. They are the individuals who market your website. They bring traffic to it and help to generate sales. This is an important job. Unfortunately, not all JV Partners realize the potential they have to make a difference or make money. Some need an extra push. You can provide that push and motivation by hosting JV Partner contests.

When it comes to hosting contests for your JV Partners, your options are endless. Anything remotely related to JV Partner programs and their success can be turned into a contest. Not only that, but you can have varying rewards. For example, a contest winner can have their name listed on your JV Partner program website or in a newsletter. They can also receive compensation; your options are endless. If you are looking for good and unique ideas, continue reading on for a few sample contests.

Reward top performing JV Partners. Top performing JV Partners are the backbone to your success. They drive the most traffic and sales to your website, where you have products or services available for sale. Everyone wants to be rewarded for a job well done. When rewarding your top JV Partners, choose between the JV Partner that brings in the most sales or the JV Partner that generates the highest sales in terms of dollars.

Reward most improved JV Partners. As previously stated, your top earning JV Partners want to be recognized for their job well done. This is important, but so is providing encouragement to the ?little guy.? These ones can benefit the most from a rewards system. Consider offering a contest for the most improved JV Partner. Once again, you can choose from the JV Partner who increased their sale frequency or the dollar amount the most.

Reward the JV Partner with the best marketed website. This website receives the most traffic. Remember, traffic translates into sales for you. JV Partners need to do more than just create a sales page or throw a few links and banners on their website. If no one visits that website, both you and they won?t make any money. That is why internet marketing is an important component of JV Partner programs. Use site explorer websites to determine which of your JV Partners have the most incoming links.

In keeping with internet marketing, you can turn your contest into a lesson. Article directories have been used as internet marketing tools for years. Capitalize on this. Ask each of your JV Partners to submit one article to an article directory. They need to include a link back to their website, where your coded banners or text links are displayed. Have each JV Partner participating in the contest send you the link. Read each article and choose your favorite. Which one are you, as an internet reader, more likely to click on?

Reward the JV Partner with the best designed website. A well-designed and easy to navigate website is also important with JV Partner programs. A poorly designed website cannot hold readers for long. Most internet users will click on the back button before they get the chance to see or click on your company?s banners or links. For that reason, consider hosting a contest for the best designed or easiest to navigate website. If you can?t decide, pick a few of your favorites and get your other JV Partners to vote.

Reward JV Partners with the best ad placement. If your JV Partner program relies on banners, you know the importance of ad placement. Clickable graphics appearing at the top of the page get more clicks, as readers don?t have to search the page to find them. Hosting a contest for ad placement can also turn into a lesson. You highlight the importance of ad placement. Since many seasoned JV Partners know all about placement, it may be best to avoid compensation. There may be too many winners. Instead, write the names and provide links to the JV Partners with the best ad placement.

Most of this article focused on using banners and text links as JV Partner marketing tools. If you are selling a single product or service, you may opt for traditional sales pages. For example, your JV Partners can use a provided template or design their own standalone sales pages. In that case, host a contest and reward the JV Partner with the best sales page. You can base your contest on design, ease of reading, and information provided.

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