JV Program Managers

If you are interested in increasing sales, you may consider starting your own JV Program. When doing so, you use either affiliate tracking software or the services of a third-party affiliate hosting website. Depending on the products you sell or the type of your business, your affiliates can use sales page templates or graphic banners and text links to promote your company. Regardless, tracking information is imbedded inside. Each time an affiliate makes you money, you both get paid. You get the sale and they get commission.

At first glance, it sounds easy to run an affiliate program; there is more to the process though. For starters, you must have graphics for your affiliates to upload. You must decide what interested individuals should be brought onboard. Then, you must be available to answer any questions, take suggestions and complaints. If this seems like a lot of work, you may consider hiring an affiliate program manager, but should you?

It should all depend on what you are selling. Affiliate programs are used to sell a wide range of products. Some use them to sell a single product, like a how-to eBook. On the other hand, retail stores of all sizes use them to increase sales. In most of these cases, it doesn?t matter which items sell, as long as there are sales.

If you are selling a single product, like the above mentioned eBook, manage your own affiliate program. You should have time. You wrote, proofread, edited, and listed the eBook for sale. There is not much left to do, as sales are automatically delivered to buyers. Managing an affiliate program will not consume your time. In fact, you can start writing your next eBook too!

If you are a small to medium sized business owner selling various products, it may be a good idea to hire an affiliate manager. With that said, think about your tasks. If you order your products wholesale, the process does not take long. However, if you make each of your products by hand, you barely have enough time to maintain your website, let alone promote an affiliate program. In this instance, an affiliate program manager would come in handy.

Another factor to consider is the employees you have. If you are self-employed and selling your own handmade goods, you work for yourself and alone. If you operate a small to medium sized business, consider delegating some of the tasks. Throughout the day, various members can answer emails or take suggestions from affiliates. This step is ideal in that you do not have to pay for or create another position. Share the tasks and the job is accomplished.

If you are thinking about hiring an affiliate manager to manage your program, your first instinct may be for a part-time position. This is good, as you have to pay less. However, when affiliates want help, they want it quick. Your affiliates don?t want to wait and may get discouraged if they have to wait 4 days to get an answer from your manager.

If you do decide to hire an affiliate manager, it is best to hire someone who can wear many hats. This person should have experience in sales, customer service, marketing, and graphic design. Your affiliate can handle any problems or tasks that involve your program, such as checking for links, creating and uploading new banners, providing technical support, and processing payments.

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